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Liuotin Group (based in Finland) has a unique knowhow in the production and application of key ionic liquids for cellulose processing. The main target techologies address environmental issues, especially related to fossil fuel consumption and both land and water use. As cellulose, derived from forests, and not agricultural land, can be much more sustainably managed,  our ionic liquids have a demonstrated potential to increase the utilisation and value of forest-based cellulose, benifiting both environment and industry.

Our mission: is to make available sustainable and low-toxicity direct-dissolution solvents (ionic liquids) and associated technology for cellulose processing applications, with a global scope. The aim is to bridge the material supply and know-how gap to allow business to innovate, in the areas of sustainable textiles, films, construction, packaging and as catalysts for general chemical processing. Thus, we aim to support the demands of developing society.

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Superbases and ionic liquids are available from 1 kg - multi-ton scale.

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