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Superbase-derived ionic liquids have been applied for cellulose processing now for 10 years (DOI: 10.1002/anie.201100274, DOI: 10.1002/cssc.201300143). One key target application is the IONCELL process (ioncell.fi, DOI: 10.3183/npprj-2015-30-01-p043-057). However, our ionic liquids, and their unconjugated superbases have much wider application potential. For example, superbases are commonly used in fine to bulk chemical processing, e.g. polyurethane production. The non-alkylated cyclic guanidines, e.g. TBD and TBN, also have the potential to act as donor-acceptor catalysts, where the catalytic process involves a concerted proton transfer, resulting in lower energy transition states than those involving non-protic superbases alone. 

Our specilisation is precisely in these types of guanidinium structures, where our objective has been to offer low-cost, hydrolytically stable ionic liquids and superbases, at scale (1kg to multi ton scale). Therefore, our aim is that we lower the barrier for innovations, related to high capitol cost.

We offer a few select ionic liquids, [mTBDH][OAc] & [mTBNH][OAc], and their precursor superbases, MTBD, MTBN, TBD & TBN. We can also prepare other related homologues of superbases, their ionic liquids (with alternative anions if so required). If you have a request or wish to discuss, then please contact us: sales@liuotin.com







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Superbases and ionic liquids are available from 1 kg - multi-ton scale.


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